DCEC 2014 Election

UPDATE: Election Results

  • 130 ballots were cast in the 5,400 member cooperative.
  • Voter participation was 2.4% this year.
  • All three director incumbents were re-elected, with one running unopposed.

Northern Region: Towns of Gilboa, Jefferson, Summit, Davenport, Harpersfield, Stamford and Maryland
Camilia K. Eldidi: 18 votes
Lester Parker: 41 votes
Edward G. Pick, Jr: 71 votes

Central Region: Towns of Bovina, Delhi, Franklin, Hamden, Kortright and Meredith
Paul Menke: 125 votes

Southern Region: Towns of Andes, Colchester, Masonville, Middletown, Sidney, Tompkins, Walton and Bainbridge
Frank Perkins, III: 27 votes
Frank Winkler: 102 votes

Bylaw Changes
Bylaw Change 1: 123 YES, 7 NO
Bylaw Change 2: 111 YES, 16 NO
Bylaw Change 3: 127 YES, 2 NO
Bylaw Change 4: 117 YES, 11 NO
Bylaw Change 5: 122 YES, 5 NO
Bylaw Change 6: 121 YES, 8 NO
Bylaw Change 7: 125 YES, 3 NO
Bylaw Change 8: 113 YES, 15 NO
Bylaw Change 9: 112 YES, 16 NO
Bylaw Change 10: 92 YES, 36 NO

Charitable Donation
Heart of the Catskills Humane Society: 52 votes
Farm Catskills: 18 votes
Leatherstocking Region of the Alzheimer’s Disease Association: 56 votes

For more details visit the DCEC 2014 Election page on the cooperative’s website.

Vote In-Person or by Absentee Ballot

The Delaware County Electric Cooperative will hold its annual meeting at the Delaware Academy School in Delhi, NY on Friday, September 19, 2014. Members should make every effort to attend the annual meeting where they will hear from the CEO/General Manager and the Board Of Directors regarding the current state of the cooperative and plans for the future. Members who attend will have the opportunity to vote in the annual election. This year, three (3) of the seven (7) board seats are up for election, one in each of the three regions, so it is a very important time to exercise your vote as a member to help guide the cooperative towards the best possible future.

As it is a much favored tradition, this year’s annual meeting will be preceded by a BBQ dinner catered by Brooks BBQ of Oneonta, NY in the lunchroom of the Delaware Academy. If you need any more motivation to attend your cooperative’s annual meeting, that delicious and fun BBQ dinner may be just the ticket.

If for any reason you cannot attend the annual meeting, you can still vote by absentee ballot. You need to act swiftly and request that you receive an absentee ballot by filling out an Absentee Ballot Request Form which is available for download from the cooperative’s website. The website has details on the procedure, but the important thing is to act quickly because the Absentee Ballot Request Form must be received by the cooperative by August 20, 2014 in order for you to be eligible to vote.

Of course, if you have questions don’t hesitate to call the DCEC office at (607) 746-2341 or toll free at (866) 436-1223 or visit the DCEC website for more information.

Good luck and hope to see you at the annual meeting!